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Temari Pattern AW11 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Accomplished Intermediate design; one of 8 JTA Shihan  exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  26 cm circum mari, wrapped in pale pink

Stitching threads: Light pink chainette/bunka (iridescent), Pearl Cotton #5 in medium pink, medium blue metallic ribbon floss

Marking thread in thin pink metallic

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Place keeper pins at corners of each pentagon, at 4-point centers of diamonds, and 1/2 between (green dots in diagram to left). Stitch first smallest diamond with pink chainette as shown in diagram; corners are 1/2 way keeper pins and 1/4 distance from pentagon center to side. Work small diamonds all around mari. Pearl cotton triangle: stitch from Pt 1, around intersection pins at 4-pt center to pt 1 all around. Work all around mari.
With chainette, work 1/2 diamonds, going around 1/2 keeper pins, all around mari. Work hexagons with pearl cotton using pt 2, which is 1/2 between pt 1 and pole, going around intersection keeper pins. Third set of diamonds with chainette goes from 3/4 point around keeper pins at corners of pentagons. Second set of hexagons goes from 1/2 distance from 3/4 and pole, around intersection keeper pins.

With blue ribbon floss, secure all threads at keeper pins. Embellish the pole centers with Matsuba kagari, stitching from inside the stitches at Pt 3 to inside stitches at 3/4

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