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Intermediate design; original composition design.Originally posted in 2009; contributed by Shelley S. This Shihan submission pattern was chosen for publication in Irodori no Temari, Saijiki  / Color Coordinated Temari & Seasonal Events  ISBN 978483770110-1   Copyright 2010.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in dark blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, yellow, gold, dark blue (same as mari wrap), black; thin yellow thread

Marking thread: thin green thread

Prepare an 10-Combination Division


In each marked pentagon, with pearl cotton stitch a solid pentagon using 3 rows of white and 4 rows of yellow.

Run a single line of gold pearl cotton, following the sides of the solid pentagons from step 1. This line runs between the pentagons to create a web that results in a series of star shapes within each face of the C10, as in the orange lines in the diagram at the left. At the North Pole create a gold and blue spiral within each of the 5 hexagon shapes created by step #2 (see light blue area in diagram). Repeat at South Pole.

At the equator line, with North facing up, follow the yellow web lines, stitch 3 rows of black Pearl #5 along the bottom angle of the pentagons that frame the north spirals up to the bottom corner of the spirals. Finish with a row of yellow. See the second photo at left to see the result.  Repeat at South Pole.

In the remaining pentagon spaces along the obi line use yellow thread to sub-divide the 6 triangles. Then using a single yellow thread stitch a “V” shape between each marking line to create a maple leaf. Stitch a yellow line on all 12 lines of each leaf. The detail diagram shows the intent and the photo shows the result.  Repeat for all 10 pentagons.
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