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Intermediate design; interpreted design from various sources. Originally posted in 2009; contributed by Shelley S.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in blue

6-Stranded Floss in pale, medium and dark pink, white, red.

Marking thread: thin white thread

Prepare an 10-Combination Division


The design is worked in uwagake chidori kagari on the pentagon centers, with the points worked kousa style.
To get the pattern results shown each color must be stitched sequentially over the entire ball. All the white must be completed before the next color is started. The pattern starts 1cm from the center along the diagonal line and the top of the star starts at the outside edge of each pentagon.

See the diagram for initial stitching pattern. The two stars have been shown with different colors for clarity. The color sequence to achieve this gradation is as follows: Row 1-2  White thread; Rows 3-4  Pale pink thread; Rows 5-6  Medium pink thread; Rows 7-8  Dark pink thread; Rows 9-10 Red thread. The entire design is worked in 3 strands, being sure to lay them properly.

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