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Temari Pattern ST01 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design; interpreted from various Japanese books. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Shelley S.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in orange

Stranded floss in 3 shades of green, 6 shades from yellow to red

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare a 10-Combination Division marked with single strand of dk green floss

Use 2 stands of floss throughout. This is a two-layer design with the green being the ground layer and the yellow/red being the top layer. Each pattern is contained within its own pentagon. The first layer creates the green star shape as shown in the diagram. The stitch starts at a point 1/4 of the way up from the center point along a diagonal line. The top of the stitch is at the 1/2 point of the alternate lines; this is shown in dark green on the diagram.

Using the dark green line in the diagram as a guide go around the pattern using uwagake chidori kagari. The first 3 rows use light green, then follow with 2 rows of the medium green and then 2 rows of the dark green. This pattern should end just at the marking line; you may need to adjust the number of rounds to accommodate the size of ball or the thickness of the thread.
The second layer starts as close to the center of the pentagon as possible and the stitch goes to the outside of the first layer, this is shown with the red line in the diagram. Using uwagake chidori kagari, stitch follow the pattern shown with 3 rows of yellow and then 2 rows of each successively darker color. The final color, red, has only one row. The goal of this layer is to have the final row just reach the corners. You may need to adjust layers to meet this objective.

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