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Intermediate to advanced design. Learned in JTA classes in Tokyo. Originally posted in 2004; contributed by Sue H.
Materials: 24cm circumference mari wrapped in white

Pearl Cotton #5 in maroon and green

Metallic gold thread

Prepare a 10-Combination division

Use pins to divide the short legs of each pentagon into thirds.

(see red numbers – green and blue dots on figure)
With maroon, bring your needle up at one of the first 1/3 pins from the center of a pentagon.
(Green #1 in figure).  Stitching only on the short leg-lines, create a right-handed spiral.
(26 stitches – follow green numbers)

The last stitch should be near the center of an adjoining pentagon along the same short-leg line 5 thirds distance from your fist stitch.

Repeat this design for each pentagon around the ball; keeping track of the order in which each pattern is stitched so you can repeat it for each successive round.

Repeat with 1 round of green and 1 more round of maroon. (total 3 rounds)
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