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Materials: 23cm circumference mari wrapped in white

Pearl Cotton #5 in light green, darker green, red, and darker red.

Metallic gold thread

Prepare a 10-Combination division

Focus your attention on ONE pentagon. Using light green, bring your needle up 1/3 the distance from the center of the pentagon toward one of the points of the pentagon (on a long leg). Work hoshi kagari, for a 5-pointed star.

Repeat within that same pentagon until you have 4 rounds in light green and 2 rounds in dark green.

Repeat this for the center of each pentagon around the entire ball.
Focus your attention on ONE of the pentagons. Using red, bring your needle up at the first intersection of lines past one of the points of a pentagon (on a long leg). Carry the thread across to the next intersection just past the next point in your “focus” pentagon. Continue in this manner around your “focus” pentagon to create a larger pentagon shape that surrounds your “focus” pentagon.  Repeat this ONE ROUND for each pentagon around the ball, but DO keep track of the order in which you do them so that you can repeat this order with subsequent rounds.    

Repeat a second round of red pentagons for the entire ball using the same stitching placement order as the first round.   Repeat each group of rounds until you have completed 3 rounds of red and 2 rounds of darker red.

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