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Temari Pattern LW02 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Advanced design; Interpreted from Yume Temari /  Dream Temari Classic to Modern, ISBN4-8377-0199-X; originally posted in 2005; contributed by Linda W.
Materials: 32 cm circum mari, wrapped in blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, light blue, navy

Metallic thread in silver

Prepare a 10-Combination Division using invisible marking

LW02 Add additional marking threads as shown as dashed lines in the diagram using invisible thread. Wrap metallic thread along the 4 additional marker lines, shown as dashed lines in diagram 1.  This will create 6 squares and 8 triangles.   3 different designs are worked in the squares, each being repeated once in the opposite square.

Using your 1st color, wrap 1 row to one side of each of these 4 additional metallic marker lines.  Using your second color, wrap 1 row to the other side of each of these 4 lines.  Continue wrapping, using alternate colors to form interwoven pattern at each crossover point, until desired width is reached.  (I used 3 rows of 2 colors with 1 row  metallic in the middle and 1 either side.  However, the pattern in the book shows 1 row metallic, 5 of each of 2 colors, 1 metallic, 5 of each of 2 colors, 1 metallic.  Your choice.)

Embellish crossover points with metallic cross, to anchor in place.
In the first square, stitch 7 metallic diagonal lines in each direction, to form a criss-cross pattern, as shown in diagram 2.  Use your 3rd color and stitch a single strand of thread either side of each metallic line.  Stitch a small cross using another of your chosen colors to anchor at each intersection. Repeat on opposite square.

Using metallic thread, mark 8 lines crossing at the center of the next square, as shown in diagram 3.

7 Take 2 of your colors and work the star burst pattern as follows.  Using your first color, bring needle up next to one of the marker lines, as close to the edge of the square as possible and take it down at the opposite side of the other end of this line.

Each of the next 3 stitches becomes shorter than the previous one.  Move to the next marker line and repeat.  Continue all around the star burst, keeping threads neat at the center crossing.  Using your second color repeat in the opposite direction. Repeat on opposite square.
Using the metallic thread, and dividing the square with 5 lines in each direction, place additional marker lines in the 3rd  square.


9 Using 1st color, place a row of thread either side of the center 3 marker lines going in one direction.  Using the 2nd color, repeat in the other direction.  Using your 3rd color, and double thread, stitch criss-cross pattern as per diagram 4.  Repeat on opposite square.
In each triangle, work the following as per diagram 5: Place additional metallic marker lines from each point of the triangle to the center of the opposite side.
11 Take 1st and 2nd colors together and stitch 4 lines as shown.  Take 2nd and 3rd colors together and stitch 4 lines in second direction.  Take 1st and 3rd colors together and stitch 4 lines in the final direction.

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