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Temari Pattern KM02 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design.  Personal composition, "Summer Stars". Originally posted in 2001; contributed by Karen McP.
Materials: 34 cm circum mari, wrapped in light green

Pearl Cotton #5 in 2 shades of orange and 2 shades of green

Marking thread in metallic silver

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Add additional mark lines to make a smaller pentagon inside each large one as shown in blue on the diagram.
Work a small pentagon in each pentagon as shown in the red shaded area (approx 6 rows). Use the opposite marker threads so the points of the small pentagon point to the flat side of the "blue" pentagons. Work hoshi kagari / star from points 1-3-5-2-4-1 beginning the points of the star 1 cm from the corner of the "blue" pentagon (shown as the black "o"). Make sure the first thread of the star lies flat against the flat side of the small pentagon made in step 2 (if not, enlarge or decrease size of small pentagon). Work six rows, then outline with one row metallic (shown in red on diagram).
Work a large pentagon on same points as small pent in step 2, outline with one row metallic (shown in green on diagram). Work 2 rows just outside each original pentagon. Work small triangle on the alternate threads in the triangle where points of pentagons made in step 5 meet.

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