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Temari Pattern JZ12 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design; interpreted from Shinshu Temari / Unbelievable temari from Nagano. ISBN# 4-8377-0597-9, pg 5. Originally posted in 2008; contributed by Joan Z.  
Materials: 30 cm circum mari, wrapped in pink

Kyo Thread, light, med and dark shades of 1 color

Marking thread in thin metallic

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Stitch an offset pentagon within each pentagon.  Add extra guidelines to make each 10 pole into a 20 pole.

Note: using different colors for the standard C10 marking and the extra guidelines makes it easier to see which lines to stitch on.

 Star: Starting with the dark color, stitch 2 rows each of hoshi kagari / five-pointed star.

Start the points at the flat side of the off-set pentagon so that the star points line up with the original C10 pentagons.

Large Border: Using uwagake chidori kagari, stitch a wide petal flower with the points directly below the five-pointed star. Starting with the light color stitch 3 rows of light and 3 rows of medium, and 2 rows of dark.
Inner Petals: Using uwagake chidori, stitch a wide petal flower with the points located between the petals of the large border. Starting with the light color stitch 2 rows of light, 2 rows of medium and 1 row of dark.

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