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Temari Pattern JZ11 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Advanced design; interpreted from Kaga Hana Temari  /  Flower Temari from Kaga-Kyoto  ISBN 4-8377-0292-9, pg 4. Originally posted in 2007; contributed by Joan Z.  This is an all-over kousa design
Materials: 32 cm circum mari, wrapped muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 1 skein each of  3 shades of pink, 3 skeins royal blue

Marking thread in muted color

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Pin mark 1/3 in from the edge on the corners of each of the 12 pentagons. (Using the same measurement about (1.5) cm in from the edge of each pentagon means you will have less nudge and fudge to finish your blue background.)
Stitch 10 rows of Royal Blue background color using the corner guidelines. Remove your pins as you go.  You should now have about 1/3 in the center of each pentagons  unstitched, a little over 1/3 of the center of the pentagons filled in with background color and a bit less then 1/3 left unstitched to the edge of each pentagon.

IMPORTANT:  read it through this section before you start to stitch. To stitch the pink petals you will use the guidelines that cross the flat side of the pentagons.  You will be stitching a large pentagon that corners at the unstitched center of 5 pentagons, using the inner edge of the blue pentagons as your starting place. The tricky part is that you will be weaving your individual rows under some of the blue threads to form the shape of the petals, as well as weaving the larger pink pentagons to shape the center of the flower. To get the weave pattern correct for the large pink pentagons, hold your ball so that you have one pentagon at the north pole, Starting at the pentagon bordering it on the south stitch around going counter clockwise. Each time you cross into the next blue pentagon you will pass your thread over the first pink pentagon (on the left) and under the second pink pentagon (on the right).

From center out of Blue pentagons:                        From the edge into pentagons:

Light pink                                                              Light Pink
Rows 1 and 2  over all blue rows.                              Rows 1 and 2  over all blue rows
Row  3  over 9 blue under 1 (outermost row)               Row 3  under 1 over 9   
Row 4  over  8 blue under 2                                      Row 4  under 2 over 9
Medium pink                                                         Medium pink
 Row 1 over 7 under 3                                               Row 1  under 3 over 7
 Row 2 over 6 under 4                                               Row 2  under 4 over 6

Dark pink                                                               Dark pink
 Row 1 over 5 under 5                                               Row 1 under 5 over 5
 Row 2 over 4 under 6                                               Row 2 under 6 over 4
 Row 3 over 3 under 7                                               Row 3 under 7 over 3
Step 4
4 rows of royal blue in each of the blue pentagons
1 row of silver
1 row of royal blue
1 row of silver
3 or more rows of royal blue to meet the edge of neighboring pentagons.

Finish the ball by stitching a double line from the corner of each pink pentagon to the pole.
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