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Temari Pattern GT49 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design; This was one of 8 JTA Shihan exam designs. Personal composition, originally posted 2008, contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 27 cm circum mari, wrapped in navy blue

Kyo thread 26 Pink, 511 White, 5 Lt Blue, 9 Lt Orange, 34 Lt Green, 4 metallic Gold; Marlitt stranded rayon floss, white;

Marking thread in fine gold

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Locate the diamonds ABCD shown. Starting 2 mm from center of diamond, stitch 5 rows of diamond using Kyo lt blue.

Repeat in each diamond shape on mari.

See Diag 2: Locate pentagon centers on mari. Using Kyo pink stitch pentagon center, 5 rows. With Kyo white, being working hoshi kagari star following points A-B-C-D-E-A. Place stitch of first row of star adjacent to outer row of lt blue diamond.

See Diag 3: Work all remaining rows of star in between threads/rows of diamond, ending in center of diamond. Work 2 rows total in white Kyo and then 4 rows Kyo lt. orange. Work one row of Marlitt floss using 3 strands.

Repeat in each pentagon.

Locate the triangles around mari. Work mitsubane Kikkou (Tri-Wing with Hexagon) in each triangle as follows:  With Kyo pink, 2 rows of hexagon. With Kyo green, 3 rows of Mitsubane, stitching in between the rows of the blue diamonds. Place first row of mitsubane two rows into diamond. Finish in center of diamond.  With Kyo gold, work 1 row mitsubane and then 1 row around hexagon to highlight centers.

Repeat in each triangle.

To finish, with Kyo gold work 2 rows around pentagon centers of hoshi stars to highlight centers. with Kyo gold, work straight stitches from corners of pentagons to center of mitsubane wings, carrying gold thread under previous stitching.

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