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Intermediate to Advanced design; interpreted from Japanese book.  Originally posted in 2001; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in white and marked in 10 Combination

Pearl Cotton #5 in red, yellow and black.

Fine metallic in gold

Focus first on the top pentagon in the diagram, called P1. Notice the blue pentagon worked offset within the marker thread (black) pentagon. It is placed so that its points are 1/2 the distance between the pentagon center and the outer line. Work one round of pentagons in each marked pentagon, using the color thread of the first round.

Next, locate Points A through J, on the sides of the blue (in the diagram - yours will be the color you just stitched) pentagons. Using your first color, the color you did the smaller pentagon round in before, stitch from point A to around through to Point J in order as shown by the red line, coming home to Point A from when you get to Point J.

Repeat this sequence of points and stitching using each pentagon as a center. After this whole cycle is completed, repeat all rounds from point A to Point J and home, using your next color (you do not repeat the small pentagons) as the second cycle. Then, with the third color, do a third cycle.

At this point, you may continue adding cycles for a denser appearance, or finish it off with a cycle of metallic.

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