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Temari Pattern GK07 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Advanced design; interpreted Shinshu Temari / Unbelievable Temari  ISBN4-8377-0597-9, pg 17. Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Glenna K.
Materials: 40 cm circum mari, wrapped in lt blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in gold (3 skeins) & 2 shades of blue

Marking thread in silver; fine blue metallic

Prepare a 10-Combination Division with silver


Filament Pentagons – Measure the distance from pole to pole.  (Yellow pins in photo.)  Divide that distance by 12.  Stitch 11 concentric pentagons in Royal Blue filament around each polar pin.  Points of each pentagon are on mark line which form 2-line intersections (the half way point of each long side of the original 12 pentagons formed by the mark line)

5 pentagons will be inside the original pentagon.  1 will be at the “+” intersection of the mark lines.  5 will be outside the original pentagon in the adjacent original pentagons.  Be sure there is a space left around each pole.

132 pentagons in total


Blue Pentagons – At 6-line intersections stitch outside the mark line of all 12 pentagon divisions.  Use doubled thread of pearl cotton; work light color first, then dark. 

Set keeper pins at each 2-line intersection on top of blue pentagon bands.  At the NP pentagon use a numbered tag for 1, to help keep stitching sequence.  Work 6 rounds of gold through keeper pins pins.  Upper points will be on mark lines which run through the sides of the filament pentagons.  (Photo shows 1 round worked at each start point.)

Begin at keeper pins #1, take thread up to the next mark line to the right where the smallest royal pentagon crosses it and take a stitch there.  Take the thread straight through the keepers on the next mark line to the right.  Your next stitch will be in the new pentagon where the smallest royal pentagon crosses the mark line to the right of the one through the keepers.
Keep the same shape stitch, always going though the keepers and taking stitches at the smallest royal pentagon , you will work a zigzag pattern around the mari and back to your start point.
Repeat the same zigzag pattern crossing through the same keepers and taking the upper stitch on the next royal pentagon out from the pole.  Keep working this zigzag pattern until you have 6 rounds. It's less confusing to work all 6 rounds of one zigzag band completely before going on to the next start point. Begin at keepers  #2 and repeat the 6 round zigzag pattern.  Stitch the zigzag at the remaining number pins.  You will need to work one more zigzag pattern.  Just identify a keeper pin start point.

When all the rounds are complete, secure threads at keeper pins with 2-3 wraps in the same gold.
On top of everything previously stitched, work gold Stars.  Outer points are toward 6-line intersections.  Stretch the points to fill the space.  Use doubled thread.  Inner points are on the 3 concentric royal filament pentagons closest to pole.
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