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Temari Pattern CZ01 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Advanced design; interpreted design from web photo. Originally posted 2008, contributed by Susan C. and Joan Z. 
Materials: 32 cm circum mari, wrapped in color of your choice

Pearl Cotton #5 in  Dark Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Green (or Variegated Green), 1 skein of each color

Marking thread to match mari wrap

Prepare a 10-Combination Division in invisible thread

This temari is worked on the 6 part triangles. Use different color pins to mark stitching for each of the 4 flowers - this will help to not get them confused. Each pentagon will have 3 triangles of 1 flower, 1 triangle of a second flower, and one leaf. Each triangle touches 3 pentagons.
Pin mark the flowers and leaves:  Hold the mari so that one of the pentagon is shaped like a house (corner point at "top of roof"). Place 1 pink pin in each of the 3 corners that make up the roof of the house. This is also the center of three 6-part triangles. At the base of your pentagon place a yellow pin (second flower section) in the left corner, and place a black pin on the right corner (leaf section).
Use your middle roof pin as the North Pole and roll the ball toward you until you come to the center of an unmarked 6-part triangle. Place a pink pin in its center. This gives the 4 triangles that make up one flower. Turn the ball so that the pin you just placed is on the bottom left corner of a pentagon. Place a black pin (leaf section) to the bottom right corner. Place a blue pin in each of the 3 remaining corners.

Repeat, using the center of your three pins to find the 4th triangle for your flower until you have all four flowers and leafs pin marked.

Stitch the leaves (green in diagram to left) - Stitching the leaves before the flowers helps to keep things oriented when marking the extra guidelines for the flowers. Use a solid or variegated thread with matsuba kagari / straight stitch to fill in the leaf triangle, crossing the stitches in the middle.

Adding the extra marking lines:  Each flower is made up of four 6-part triangles. The center triangle is the center of the flower. Each flower will have 18 guide lines. Add extra guidelines as shown in red in diagram 2. Remember to extend the guidelines to the outside edges of of the flower triangles.  Stitch the flower using Uwagake Chidori for a kiku motif.   It takes 5 or 6 rows to complete a flower, depending on the size of the mari.
CZ01                 CZ01

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