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Intermediate to advanced design; interpreted from Thimble Ring & Flower Temari/Yubinuki to Hana-temari-cho,  ISBN9784837703082.  Originally posted in 2010; contributed by Connie B.
Materials: 55 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #8, five shades of each color: Lavender #552, 208, 209, 210, 211. Blue #796, 798, 799, Threadart blue, 800. Red 304, 321, 666, 380, 892.
Orange #946, 608, 971, 741, 742. Pink #309, 336, 603, 604, 605.
Yellow Threadart Light orange, #743, Threadart Yellow, 744, 745.
DMC Floche,  dk. green, lt. green, white (pearl cotton #8 may be substituted)

Marking thread: thin metallic gold

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Each flower motif has 12 rounds of stitching, worked in uwagake chidori and sujidate uwagake kagari by working around limited numbers of previous rounds as the motif grows. The first 3 rounds will be worked in regular Uwagake Chidori Kagari around all threads, using single thread in the darkest shade. Stitch 3 rounds. Change to progressively lighter colored thread for each group of rounds.  The 4th and all following rounds use sjuidate uwagake, and picks up only 2 threads of previous rounds. 5th round picks up three threads of previous rounds. 6th round and all successive rounds (for total of 12) pick up 4 threads.

For color shading, begin with the darkest shade for the first 3 regular uwagake rounds. Change to progressively lighter shades for each set of rounds - 2 rows of each shade for the next 3, and then 3 rounds for the last (lightest) shade. Be sure to maintain even tension so that the design fills and covers to the fullest.

Nejiri Mitsubane Kagari are worked at each of the pentagon corners. Shade the mitsubane by stitching 4 rounds lt. green, one round white, and then one round dk. green. To finish, one final dk. green round is another round on the Mitsubane, but rather than taking a stitch at the outer point, pass over to the adjacent mitsubane in a  zig-zag fashion, point to point. Continue around the full temari to connect the mitsubane. You can add a gold cross stitch at the zig-zag crossover to hold in place and/or embellish, if desired.

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