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 14  Mentai: 6 Squares & 8 Hexagons (S4)
         This marking creates 14 faces in resulting in 6 squares, one each at the north and south poles and one at each vertical/equator intersection. In addition there are 8 hexagons. Working the marking in this manner results in blank faces which may be desired for some applications. Centering lines may be added to any or all of the faces as desired.

        Begin by marking a Simple 4 using waste thread.

Determine the distance between each of the 6 poles (this will be equal to 1/4th of the mari circumference). Divide this by 3. Place pins along the marking lines using this distance.
Using regular marking thread, stitch a square around each pole, using the pins as the corners. Remove the pins when finished.
Continuing with regular marking thread, connect the corners of 3 adjacent squares to create a hexagon; repeat on all sets.

Using the corners of each shape as anchor points, add centering lines across the hexagons and pentagons if desired. Additional lines may also be added to further divide into 12ths, 8ths, etc.
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