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TalkTemari  - Using the Yahoo Group Functions Basics       

        In September 2013 Yahoo rolled out a new format for Yahoo Groups after more than 10 years of the same interface. It has not been met with favorable acceptance by the user community, and it's been terribly buggy. It does appear, though, that we are stuck with it no matter how much pleading is done with Yahoo. Here is some basic user help to get you going; beyond this please refer to Help within Yahoo Groups for more assistance.

1) Web address is: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TalkTemari/info
This home page shows basic group info, and is also the link to give to people if they want to join TalkTemari. To get back to it, click on the group name in the cover banner. Under the banner is a row of menu options: Conversations, Photos, Events, Polls, More (with a down arrow next to it).  These are all clickable links to take you to the various parts of Groups (this list used to be on the left hand side of
the page). It is important to remember that "More" is where you find Files and Links. The list is dynamic and will change based on what you are using.

2) Conversations: this is where you find all of the  messages, presented in various formats. Click it and you get a new page. At the top are regular menu selections, under that is a submenu Topics, Messages, Trending, Spam. On the same line, to the right, various options: the little circle is to refresh the page; the calendar page with the 31 in it will show a message history by date; the boxes with wide or narrow spaces lines change the view from "relaxed" to "slim" - how much of the message is shown with the subject line; next is the date sort, either Latest First or Oldest First (click on it to get a drop down menu to change). New Topic is obvious - start a new message thread (that works). All of these options are usable in any of the message displays: Topics shows messages by topic/subject line; Messages shows individual messages in date order (sortable); Trending shows the most active topics/subjects; Spam you don't have to worry about, if it is showing on your page.

3) Photos: Click on Photos in the main menu line, and you get a sub menu line: Photostream,  Albums. Photostream shows all recent photos in chronological order, with no album organization. To the right on the sub menu line are 2 boxes: one with large and small blips, and one with same size blips. The first will show photos justified - the photos are presented in their original width (in perspective to the page); the small blips is Grid View, which displays in thumbnails. You can sort by oldest or newest first. In Albums, you can sort by date or alpha - click the date sort to get a drop down that offers alphabetical. Click on an Album to open it; albums sort by date, newest first. You likewise have the choice of justified or grid view. Each photo shows the photo name and file name at the bottom. In the lower right corner is a "bubble" , with a number next to it. This is where comments on the photo live, the number showing how many comments. Click on the bubble to see them and/or post a comment; a new box opens. Click outside of the photo and box to close it. To add photos to an album, click on the Add Photos box in the upper right in the sub menu line. To download/save a photo, click the down arrow next to the comment bubble.

4) Files: Click on "More" in the main menu line, and choose Files. Chances are good that it will be added to the sub menu list. This will change if you click "Links" - etc. People have hollered about Yahoo limiting the choices on the menu line, so now the current one you are using gets added to the list. Things are pretty much the same here, other than everything is sorted by folders first and then individual files. You can also sort (within this) by date or alpha.

5) Links - again, click on "more" in the main menu line and choose Links. It will add to the presentation line while you are using it.

6) Remember that if you go to the TT Info/home page (click on the TalkTemari name in the cover banner), you will get a summary of the number of new messages, photos, etc. but not as clickable links. On the bottom footer of each email you get from TalkTemari, if you receive TT as email (versus digest or web read), there ARE links to the latest activity. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see it.   
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